REnescience Northwich

Take a tour around the REnescience full scale plant in the animated video below.


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The REnescience plant in Northwich is a new waste treatment facility that will be the world’s first commercial full-scale plant of its kind to utilize DONG Energy’s patented REnescience technology. The plant is in Lostock Works site in Northwich, England. DONG Energy has financed, built and is operating the plant, which started operations in Summer 2017. The waste for the facility is supplied by the UK waste management company FCC Environment who already collect household waste in the region.



Treated per year:
110,000 households = 120,000 tons of residual waste per year
The plant will treat 120,000 tons of residual household waste per year. This is the equivalent to the annual residual waste from approximately 110,000 UK households.


Generating value from waste:
The site generates approximately 5 megawatts of renewable electricity from the biogas.
In addition, large volumes of clean recyclable material and by-products are further recycled from the process.


Economic impact of REnescience Northwich

Creating jobs:
Up to 150 people have been involved in the construction of the facility and up to 24 full-time jobs have been created.