Life Cycle Assessment


The environmental impact of a REnescience plant

​In order to evaluate how a technology or a product impacts the environment, a life cycle assessment (LCA) should be conducted.

One project one LCA

To get the most precise results, an LCA should be prepared for each project or area. An LCA of a REnescience plant is subject to eg the composition of the waste in the area, the location of the plant, the process configuration, the country’s energy system as well as the disposal and handling of the products. 

Together with our potential partners and customers, we have initiated a number of life cycle assessments to evaluate specific REnescience projects and compare them to alternative waste treatment methods. These LCAs have been conducted by independent consultancy agencies or universities that have followed the country specific methods defined by the different governments. 

REnescience is an environmentally friendly solution

The overall conclusions of the LCA reports about REnesciece are that the technology is environmentally friendly and provides greenhouse gas savings compared to other traditional waste treatment methods. However, an LCA performed for one project can only serve as an indication for the environmental impact of another project, as the results depend on a number of specific factors. Below, you will find a summary of the LCAs.